Granit beissen

16. April 2018

Auch wir haben bei Ryanair auf Granit gebissen. Bitte entschuldige das das Unterstehende im English geschrieben ist. Hat jemand ähnliche Erfahrungen?
The Ongoing Saga - Ryanair We had booked the evening flight from Stansted to Basel, Switzerland on August 2, 2017, expecting to arrive before 22.00 hr. The flight was delayed by 2 hours due to the late arrival of the plane until after 22.00 hr. During the flight we were informed that Basel Airport closes at midnight. The flight was then diverted to Frankfurt-Hahn, about 400 km north of Basel, and we arrived there at ca. 00.15 hr.
his was bad enough, as Ryanair must have known that we wouldn't make it in time for the Basel curfew, but decided to set off anyway, presumably so they wouldn't have to put all the passengers up in a hotel. Unfortunately, being August, it was holiday time, more planes were diverted to Frankfurt-Hahn that evening, and the staff of the ground handling agency couldn't find enough buses within a 200 km radius to transport all passengers to Basel - not that night, or the day after. Also the airport hotel was closed, no beds were available. We, that is about 25 passengers, were stranded .... and, of course, NOBODY from Ryanair stayed to give assistance or information to the passengers, everything was left to the local agent (who was patiently helpful, it must be added).
We were told that we had to arrange our own transport, and to claim the cost back from Ryanair. Eventually, along with 3 other passengers we cramped into a taxi with our luggage and at 04.45 hr we FINALLY left for Basel, where we arrived just before 09.00 hr (an almost 12 hr delay). The cost of the taxi fare was 650 Euro which we split between the 5 of us.
Surprise: Ryanair claims that transport was arranged for all, so they don't have to reimburse anything. Even after the local agent at Frankfurt-Hahn sent a mail to Ryanair to confirm that they were unable to arrange transport for everyone, Ryanair simply denies all responsibility - "assuring us of their best intentions". We have to date exchanged about 6 letters, and made one very expensive telephone call.
Does anyone have a suggestion on how to deal with this further?



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